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But what about the children!

Not entirely sure how it came out on Yahoo! Movies but Good Morning Britain’s Lottie Day and comedian Kate Smurthwaite discussed on Friday, if children should attend BN’s Sandcastle Waterpark event.

Afterwards, there was a debate on twitter with views expressed for and against. A voxpop question in the article, asked: how healthy is Britain’s relationship with nudity? And 60% said it was unhealthy.

Isn’t it time we put this to bed, once and for all?

Article: Should kids be allowed to go to naturist events?

3 Responses to But what about the children!

  • There is a poll going that 1888 have signed and seems a steady flow of sign-ups; 3 hours ago it was 1750.

    The poll aims to close all BN events that permit children to attend.

    Petition owner claims ‘here is even an article regarding one of the previous members who helped run it admitting to sex offences!’ She can be contacted at and claims to have contacted MP’s & the MEP in Cheshire East and Stoke on Trent.

    She says ‘the aim of this campaign is only to make sure children are not allowed to attend the events, due to the lack of safeguarding measures and how it is more enabling for a sex offender than your average situation where children will be involved in an event!’ – no evidence is cited.

    She says she is not anti-naturist.

    This article
    says ‘Waterworld doesn’t advertise as the entire venue is rented out by the group, who take charge of the organising.

    Around 300 people are expected to attend.

    News of the event has sparked outrage among StokeonTrentLive readers with nearly 1,000 comments posted on our Facebook page.’

    Re British Naturism all it reports is:
    “Its Facebook group says it ‘exists to unite and support naturists, to protect naturist places and provide more, make social nudity more acceptable across the UK’.”

    When this article appeared it said 670 people had signed the petition. So in 32 hours about 1200 more had signed.

    The article you quote is more balanced. It seems the petition was started 3 days ago so it seems the press is reacting rather than leading.

    So it all seems a knee jerk reaction to finding that tickets were on sale by people who have never attended a naturist event.

  • “Sexualization” of the body nowadays is largely achieved by baring it in a normal one to one relationship, or acquaintance even, and with events like this coming into the public sphere of knowledge it is surely inevitable that balance of opinion will be against it as naturist parents, like all others, can be good or bad.

    This is a Theme Park Event where I would think personal contact between the attendees is more than likely and so also between children and other adults as well as family and also any mix of unrelated boys and girls and not a natural `Beach Day` where the enjoyment is based on Sun, Sea, fresh clean air and Sand and much separation for all to see (and police, like people do…).

    BN should be careful not to be (able to be) seen as maybe closing their eyes, ears and minds to suspicions of possible `grooming`of children behind, also closed, doors.

    We have been favoured recently with much greater nude liberty which we should cherish and not chance squandering by bringing it into question, like this even. As we we can now be more open about our persuasions so should we be.

  • Latching onto the last paragraph of my `one word short`(inclined) dyslexic (I note) conclusion it was interesting yesterday when I caught a preview of Thursday`s (11/04) coming pre-watershed program entitled “Naked Beach” which, by its glimpse of what is to be shown, might well conclude that we Trad Nats are falling off the pace of now legal liberation.

    All `up-front` and `take it as you find it` seemingly.

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