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Naturism and the Police

The College of Policing have just published a briefing note to help frontline police officers with incidents involving public nudity and naturism.

The Public Nudity Advice and Decision-making Aid from the College of Policing has come some years after the CPS published its own guidance: Nudity in Public, guidance on handling cases of naturism, even so NAG’s Treasurer Duncan Heenan said: ‘It is a welcome addition and should greatly help with educating frontline police officers.’

In the briefing note, officers are told that naturism is ‘a philosophical belief’ and ‘naturists have a right to freedom of expression, which only engages [the] criminal law if they commit sexual offences or use disorderly behaviour’ and they ‘should consider every situation according to its own circumstances’.

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2 Responses to Naturism and the Police

  • Because of the WNBR the subject of “illegality” came up once again, and once again I found myself trying to kill the myth.
    Anyway, good work to all those connected with this , especially to my friend and colleague Duncan Heenan.

  • Following the 2018 London WNBR, George Galloway was tweeting hate speech about “suspending the law of indecent exposure”. As a result, I posted a response here:- that also has links to the documents above.

    Thank you to NAG for all your efforts in getting the police to respond, their new document is very helpful and hopeful.

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