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Naturist Campaign for Public Nudity

Posted on behalf of John Wood.

Would anyone be interested in joining me to start a new campaigning team to promote naturism and public nudity in the UK?
Subject to enough public support, the idea is to arrange naked/clothing optional protest marches through British town centres campaigning for public nudity to be accepted by the general public and the authorities.
An ideal team would consist of several people having different aspects of campaigning and protesting experience. Anyone who could build and maintain a website would also be a bonus.
Please email me at  to take this idea further. Please note that any work will need to be on a voluntary basis.
Thanks in anticipation,
John Wood.

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  • Most definitely! I will email you at some point this week. AC

  • Yes , yes, yes!

  • I’d like to help. Email on its way, but the time I have available for anything like this is very limited

  • Hi John, YES good idea! I invite you and ALL NAG members to call / text me direct on +447985185332, Yours NATURALLY! Roger

  • P.S. I should like to receive follow up comments via email. Roger

  • Sorry to be negative about this idea, but I don’t believe naked protest marches through town centres are likely to achieve acceptance of public nudity by the public or by the authorities. It is much more likely to provoke vociferous, and possibly physical, opposition from those who are appalled at the sight of public nudity, and to result in the arrest of naked marchers.

    I believe people’s readiness to tolerate public nudity is contextually related. On beaches, in the countryside, and possibly in large parks, there is probably a substantial feeling that nudity can be accepted so long as it is not obviously confrontational. But my gut feeling is that that tolerance would not extend to town centres.

    I think acceptance of public nudity will gradually increase if more naturists go naked in places that are seen as natural locations for going clothes-free. Town centres, in my view, are not amongst these.

    Still, if enough willing protesters want to take up John’s idea, I’ll be interested to see the result.

  • Like Chris Lamb, I’m afraid the idea is likely to be counter-productive. The obvious parallel is with gay-pride marches. They have been successful in getting the gay community recognised as distinct and deserving the same rights and acceptance as the heterosexual majority. For naturism to be better accepted we need to do exactly the opposite: emphasise that naturists are not a distinct sub-set of the population; that most people enjoy being naked at certain times and could be healthier in body and mind if it were easier in appropriate situations. It’s the prudes who are the vociferous minority, imposing their will on others, not us.

  • My suggestion is to have one day exhibitions on naturism in town centres using empty space such as unused retail units or anything that put the idea of naturism in the public eye.
    We have tried engaging the local press without much success and are now trying public talks.
    I think Chris Lamb is right and that the first step should be toward gaining acceptance of public nudity outside of big urban areas. Obviously the World Naked Bike Ride is successful as a protest, but not for body freedom/naturism.
    Philip Baker

  • When you say ” We have tried engaging the local press without much success and are now trying public talks.”- who is “We” please? I’d be very interested to hear details of what has been happening.

  • I am the Treasurer of the Eastbourne Naturist Swim Group and I have two good friends who are keen supporters of some of my ideas. I will report how our talks go – the first will be in St Leonards in mid January. I don’t want to give details, because I don’t want the audience to be entirely naturist. I will give the talk in early February in Eastbourne. We will report on how they go to you and Nick Caunt.
    It may be possible to arrange a talk in Brighton and if so I was going to refer this opportunity to Norman Donachie BN LASER group chairman).
    In September we held a swim under the Great British Skinny Dip banner. We managed two very short mentions in the Eastbourne Herald with an article promised, now expected in Ecetera magazine, but we have not seen anything as yet.

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