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INF: The last word, really

In my last post on the subject of the INF World Congress in New Zealand, I did say that the story had run its course until the special Congress in Vienna. Fellow NAG Management Collective member, Duncan Heenan, begs to differ and wants the last word… for now.

22/02/2017 – Following representation from Hans van Asperdt this article has been amended for accuracy.

The sad saga of INF and its disputed Presidency rumbles on, and has descended into a war of words which is little more than an evasive slanging match between INF’s EC and anyone who dares to criticise their crass actions. The story has leaked into the UK national press, and probably internationally too. This has upset the INF EC who were trying to keep it quiet, and who have responded by denying things which were not asserted in the first place, leaving some readers even more confused. However, it is important to remember that the main issue is that the Federations which own INF voted in a new President, Armand Jamier, and voted out the old President, Sieglinde Ivo. They did this because they were unhappy at the way INF was being run by Mrs Ivo and her EC; principally that it was just not doing enough to promote and protect naturism. INF’s EC is now trying to cloud the issue with a smokescreen of spurious procedural and constitutional matters, because Mrs Ivo wants to stay in the job, regardless of what the Federations might say. It is difficult to understand this stance by someone who has done so little for naturism and is rarely seen naked nowadays, and who hides behind her EC colleagues in the debates now raging. But for some reason she is determined to cling on regardless of the cost to INF and the damage to naturism that this will cause. A dozen of the Federations have sent a strongly worded email demanding that the vote be obeyed, only to be told by the childish INF secretary that he pays no attention to emails, and will only respond to signed letters on paper — he says this in an email! Ironically, when NAG wrote to INF, it had its letter returned unopened because they had already seen its contents on email! This is the petty level of debate which is now being deployed by people who purport to represent World Naturism. No wonder the Federations got fed up with INF!

But don’t just take this from me, read the attached full and candid report of the INF Congress and its aftermath, written by the BN International Officer, who was there. Read also the attached personal letter from Hans van Asperdt (an observer for the NZNF, the organising federation and scrutineer at the outset of the World Congress) to the INF Legal Council (who appear to have ignored it, along with representations of the vote scrutineers attesting to the validity of the vote).

INF has now set a date of 22nd July for the special Congress in Vienna to take the vote again. (Have they never heard of postal voting?) It would be refreshing, though unexpected, if common sense prevailed and Mrs Ivo stepped down before then. In the meantime no doubt the war of words will continue to rage, and naturism will continue to suffer.

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