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And a cherry on top?

A new document from INF has come our way, suggesting Sieglinde Ivo and Jean Peters are desperately trying to hold onto power.

Twelve national federations, including British Naturism, have produced a joint letter of complaint concerning the shenanigans following the World Congress in New Zealand, last November. In concise terms, it states that the Law Council’s decision to rule the results of the presidential election as invalid was outside its scope, and that the General Assembly is the ultimate decision making body for the International Naturist Federation and not the Executive Council. They then called for the Extraordinary General Assembly to be held later this year in Austria be cancelled as unconstitutional and the presidential election result from New Zealand be ratified instead. As this document is now in the public domain, we feel able to share it with you.

The reply, with a poor English translation, states that as the various signatures were copied and pasted onto the document (in other words, electronic signatures) they could not accept it and asked that it be sent again with original (wet) signatures. This would involve a single letter being posted from federation to federation, which will take time. What will their excuse be then? That it is out of time! This is 2017, not 1967. It is clearly a delaying tactic by Peters, knowing that if Ivo goes he will be next, and quite frankly we can hear the scrapping of his fingernails as he desperately tries to prevent that from happening.

It would be much better for everyone, if Ivo and Peters were to desist from this foolishness and resign now, allowing the forces of reform and renewal a clear path to commence their work.

Unlike the letter from the federations, ours calling for Sieglande Ivo to step down and save her dignity has been ignored. To be fair, it was what we expected. NAG is not a member of INF and, on this performance, never would be but ultimately they have to listen to the member federations, and they in turn to their own members. In the latest issue of H&E Naturist (February 2017) Duncan Heenan has written as a member British Naturism asking his fellow members to influence events further by supporting the actions of BN’s Board of Directors in this matter. Naturally, you can influence your own federation in the same way. What happens next is up to the individual naturist. If you don’t like what does happen and you haven’t acted to let your federation know your opinion then you’re not really in a position to complain, are you?

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