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News from NAG – August 2016

Summer of Nudism
Television and naturism have had an uneasy alliance in the past (just think of Channel 5s Naked Jungle), but that has not put off Channel 4, is offering us a summer of nudity (Mirror – 08/06/2016). It begins with a documentary about The Great British Skinny Dip, and British Naturism’s plan to get more of us swimming naked. The documentary challenges our attitude towards nudity and explores its appeal, the article says.

Meanwhile, in Stripped, households who begin with nothing, not even clothes, but that they are given them back one at a time. The aim is to discover what people really think they need.

Until the programmes are broadcast, lets give them the benefit of the doubt. [NOTE: If anyone would like to review these programmes and post them here then send your text to reviews AT naturistactiongroup DOT org.]

Use Naturism to Teach Children About Sex
Following on from Nicky Morgan’s announcement last February that Personal, Social, Health, Economic education (PSHE) and sex education should not be compulsory in primary schools, British Naturism has published a report: Children Deserve Better, calling for the opposite (The Independent, 13/06/2016) and advocates the use of naturism and nudity to teach children about sex and relationships.

The chief executive for the National Children’s Bureau, Anna Feuchtwang, told The Independent that: ‘Young people tell us time and again they want better teaching in the essential topics covered by PSHE….’ Yet OFSTED have reported that teaching it ‘is woefully inadequate’ in 40 per cent of schools.

It is hard to say if this report by BN will have any impact, but well done them for producing it.

Sea of Hull
Sam Hawcroft, editor for H&E Naturist, has called for more naturist friendly venues in her part of the world (Hull Daily Mail, 12/06/2016), suggesting that leisure centres and spas would find ditching the rules for clothing and swimwear for a session or two could be profitable. This is after the number of local people signing up for Spencer Tunick’s Sea of Hull suggested the demand could be there.


There are no official naturist beaches along the East Yorkshire coast, although the beach at Fraisthorpe has traditionally been used, and the only club in that part of Yorkshire is Yorkshire Sun Society. The popularity of the pop-up restaurant Bunyadi in London and of those prepared to participate in the Sea of Hull, does suggest that Britons are more open to nude experiences than we first thought.

If a Picture…
Calling all photographers out there, particularly those in the Southern Hemisphere. The biennial photo competition will be back in 2017, with entries open from April. Between now and then, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa will be having their summer, so this is heads up to everyone south of the equator, reminding you that this is a good time to take that perfect picture illustrating Living Naturism. The more entries we have, the greater our resources will be to advance naturism. More details will be given near the launch.

Cadiz Says No
The Supreme Court in Spain has rejected the Spanish Federation of Naturism’s call for it to quash local government legislation that prohibited nudists from using beaches in the historic port of Cadiz. (London Evening Standard, 21/05/2016). The federation argued that the local legislation that also allowed fines of up to €750 to be imposed on nude beachgoers was an attempt to role back social progress in Spain, with nudism is allowed under the Spanish Constitution, as a freedom of ideology.

The court ruled, however, that the federation had not shown that nudism was ‘accepted practice by the majority of beachgoers’ and that the local council had the right to manage its resources, including public spaces, properly.

The ruling does not apply to beaches outside the city limits, where nudity is still permitted.

House of God
An intriguing post by Canadian blogger Jillian Page; especially after fellow Canadian Stéphane Deschênes suggested that the INF should be helping to discover the philosophy or ideology behind naturism. White Tail Resort is a Virginia-based family naturist resort close to several significant US Civil War sites, with one USP (Unique Selling Point) – a chapel – where the congregation worships nude (weather permitting).

Naturism has tended to avoid religion of any description in recent years but there are more than just a few naturists with a profound faith. Some have even gone as far as being ordained in the church of their choice. Will we ever see a discussion about naturism at a future Synod, I wonder?

white tail resort church-205x140

All in the Mind of Man
In an article for The Guardian (17/06/2016) of Kaitlyn Juvik told Sam Levin why she organised a ‘no bra day’ in her High School. Despite not breaking any dress code or showing anything when bending down, the school’s administration felt that not wearing a bra to school was inappropriate. It seems that some male students and teachers were distracted.

To cut a short story even shorter, a no bra day was quickly organised and it grew. ‘It was about gender equality and teaching people not to sexualize women’s bodies,’ explained Juvik. ‘We’re always asked to do things to make guys more comfortable. If my boobs make you uncomfortable, then why are you looking at me in that way?’

This article may not have an immediate link to naturism but what Juvik and others are asking for is to be allowed to feel comfortable in their own skin, even if it is covered by cloth, and any ‘adjustment’ should be made by those doing the looking and not by those being looked upon, just for their convenience. This, I believe, is a goal we share, when we tell people that the naked body is neither a threat nor shameful.

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