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The Naked Voter

Fellow reprobate, Chris Lamb had an interesting idea, which he would like to share with you. He’ll do it so much better than me anyway.

“When we vote in national and local elections we are exercising our fundamental democratic right to have a say on how, and by whom, we are governed. Voters have this right regardless of their religious beliefs or lifestyle, even if the voter’s appearance makes them obvious. A priest can vote in a cassock, a devout Muslim woman in a Burqa, while a punk can turn up in ripped and safety-pinned clothing, and heavily tattooed metal fans in black leather. If that is so, why can’t a naturist show his or her lifestyle?

“Having consulted the Handbook for Polling Station Staff that all polling clerks receive, I discovered there is nothing that compels voters to wear clothes while exercising their democratic right, while the polling clerks are duty bound to assist all registered voters to cast their votes, irrespective of how they choose to present themselves.

“So, on 5th May 2016, a warm day, I decided to put this discovery to the test and entered my local polling station naked. I waited for a minute or so while my name and address was checked and was handed my ballot papers without comment. Throughout the process, the polling clerks (male and female) behaved professionally, just as one would expect. I then left the polling station still naked. Neither the Presiding Officer nor the two clerks questioned my nudity, presumably because they realised that they had no authority to do so.

“On 23rd June, we have another opportunity to cast our vote, this time in the EU Referendum, so perhaps more of us might decide to cast a naked vote to demonstrate that we are free to identify ourselves as naturists when participating in the democratic process.”

Would you show your allegiance to naturism by entering the polling station naked, as Chris did? Tell us your thoughts by using the comments panel below.

3 Responses to The Naked Voter

  • Very brave effort – hope it catches on! However – I disagree that people should be allowed to vote in a burqa. At the very least a person’s face should be visible to avoid electoral fraud.

  • I am in awe of Chris. I have done some daring things, both at home and away, but I am not sure even I could walk to my local polling station naked. I would need an assistant to hold the large coat for the trip to the station. I feel I could vote naked, it has given me a thought.

  • I must express my disagreement with lahgbr’s above comment: re the burqa. Does he/she really think it will make any difference to electoral fraud? Does he/she expect, for example, that polling station officers will remember that someone voting in the evening voted under a different name in the morning, by recognising their face? Sorry, but this objection has no basis in reality. I personally think the burqa is a ridiculous garment, but people should be completely free to wear or not wear whatever they like, when voting and everywhere else.

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