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Street Furniture

Roadside Furniture

Some day we shall have street furniture like this here in the UK. Well, we can dream can’t we….

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  • Perhaps the UK already has it but nobody has taken advantage of it. You have the “Brown Signs” for tourism. In Canada they are called TODS – Tourism Oriented Directional Signage.

    About a dozen years ago, no naturist club was using TODS. I suggested to Glen Echo, the club where I was a member at the time, that they should apply. So they let me do it. Of course, there was no category for “naturist” or “nudist” but there was for “campground”. That is not misleading; the business model of Glen Echo was primarily a campground for naturism. So we applied and got the sign. Since then, others have followed suit. But Bare Oaks has more signs than any of them.

    We have to develop the attitude that we are legitimate organizations who are entitled to all the same services and benefits as everyone else. I don’t ask whether I qualify. When I apply, it is with the assumption that I will be approved. I’m sure that they have interesting discussions about it. But if they can’t find a legal reason to reject me, I get accepted.

    Of course, a club or resort also has to decide that it is worth the investment. That may be the biggest hurdle because a sign on the highway will not generate any immediate results. In fact, there may never be any obvious benefits. You have to understand the value of the awareness created by repeated exposure to the signage.

  • You have raised some good points here Stephane. And as you’ve pointed out, the sign doesn’t have to say ‘naturist’ or ‘nudist’. The biggest hurdle though is that most UK clubs don’t use any kind of business model. They only exist because their members wants them to.

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