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News from NAG – April 2016

Atlantic Challenge
Mention nudity and you can bet your bottom dollar that the British press will pounce on it, often to the delight of their readers. The Telegraph (21/02/2016) was just one newspaper among many that reported the four women of Yorkshire Row were rowing the Atlantic naked. Four weeks into a trans-Atlantic challenge, they blogged they had run out of clean clothes, so their boat was like a ‘nudist camp’. Well, nearly. They were still wearing their safety harnesses and lifejackets.

Rowing naked is more common than you might imagine, as shown by a Daily Mail article from 2011 when Naomi Hoogesteger was the only woman in a crew of six on another Atlantic crossing.

There is a good reason for being naked on these occasions, however, as the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge website explained, it means the rowers are not constantly in wet clothing as skin dries more quickly, and helps to prevent sores. Two of the other teams that didn’t let shyness get in the way; Row Like A Girl (the other all female team) and Row 2 Recovery, a group of amputee ex-servicemen tweeted pictures.

So why write: “It’s like a nudist camp on this boat (of course we wouldn’t know what that is like but can imagine).” Can they? Why be so defensive!

Yorkshire Rows battling the waves. Taken from Yorkshire Rows website.

Yorkshire Rows battling the waves. Taken from Yorkshire Rows website.

Naked in Essex
It might be telling those in the know already, but for the second year in a row Oakwood Sun Club, near Brentwood, Essex is holding an open day and barbecue on 12th June 2016. Oakwood is easily reached from east London, Colchester and Southend, and parts of Kent.

More details are in an article published by Brentwood Gazette.

Indecent Images
Two articles, exactly a month a part has shown ‘naturism’ in a poor light. The first, published by Mail Online tells of Trevor Monk, a British paedophile who preyed on girls as young as five in the Philippines. He was sent down for 20 years after police officers found 80,000 indecent images at his home. One of his CDs was titled “naturist”.

The other article was from the Press Association, published by It told of Tim Watson, a former primary school head teacher who admitted to making over 800 images of children that ‘contributed to their degradation’. When interviewed by police, Watson admitted beginning by viewing children between nine and 13 in swimwear before moving on to ‘nudist pictures’.

In both cases the association is less than flattering and contributes to the negative impression that non-naturists have about naturism. If naturism is to succeed as a concept then every one of us needs to play our part in showing it is not simply a euphemism for sex.

By AlejandroLinaresGarcia - Own work, GFDL,

By AlejandroLinaresGarcia – Own work, GFDL,

Doctor Sunshine?
“There is no safe or healthy way to get a tan from sunlight…” says the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence otherwise known as NICE, according to BBC News.

The benefits of building up vitamin D from the sun needs to be balanced against the risks of skin cancer, continues NICE. The new recommendations came out about the same time that X-men actor Hugh Jackman spoke out about his experiences with the decease, having had several sun-related cancerous growths removed from his face.

Australia, a country known for its harsh sunlight, has had its Sunsmart campaigns with ‘Slip! Slop! Slap!’ for years talking about slipping into a shirt, slopping on the sun cream and slapping on a hat, especially during the hottest part of the day. NICE recommends that people should use at least factor 15 sun cream, with adults encouraged to use 6-8 teaspoons (35ml) per application.

Don’t take your health for granted.

Home Sweet Home
As a Londoner I am well aware of the difficulties of finding somewhere decent to live that’s also affordable. I ended up moving to God’s own county, Yorkshire. Lucy and her boyfriend Simon moved to Amsterdam.

What is different about Lucy and Simon’s move though is they took up residence at the Flevo-Natuur resort. As Lucy explains in an article published by The Sun (10/02/2016) they pay less than £400 per month for their ‘tiny A-frame bungalow’, which is about half what they had been paying in London for a shared property, with filth, mice and snails coming for free.

Remarking that there was ‘more flesh on show than in the Playboy mansion’, Lucy described the usual trials and tribulations for a non-naturist venturing into a naturist resort for the first time. Only, on this occasion this is their home, not somewhere to stay for a weekend, a week or a fortnight. The resort is permanently naturist so Lucy and Simon could not escape from going nude if they were to stay.

Lucy suspects she is a ‘natural textile’ but after a month, ‘being naked feels normal’. What surprises me, is that more clubs haven’t thought about renting out suitable cabins to permanent tenants, especially in expensive areas like London.

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