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The Nudist

In The Nudist, 10 year old Raul looks at a naked couple, stripped of all kinds of prejudices. To share in the same kind of freedom, Raul must learn to discard the taboo that nakedness represents.

The filming has been completed and it has already been awarded VII European Award, University of Sevile and given a special screening as a work in progress at the next Seville European Film Festival. Even so, it is a work in progress and the producers are seeking €2,500 through crowd funding to complete post production. To date (14th October 2015), they have raised €705.00 and have 24 days left to raise the rest. If you are interested then go to and you can learn more about the film, look up their Facebook page.

Picture taken during filming of The Nudist, a short film.

Picture taken during filming of The Nudist, a short film.

3 Responses to The Nudist

  • Looks interesting and seems more than possible it will be well-made. Unfortunate about the title though – not very imaginative, but worse, is the ghettoized “lifestyle” connotation, keeping people who don’t think the natural state of Human should be kept a dirty secret separate from and always unseen by the irrational majority who does.

    One hopes this is not the message of the film, and on the evidence of the promo material it looks like they’ve got the right idea (at least in my never humble opinion).

    It would be a serious mistake for the boy to learn that there are “appropriate” places for being naked, and above all that an erection is a very very dirty and aggressive “act” and never appropriate in a nudist ghetto.

    Maybe ‘The Human’ would be a better title.

  • Maybe Dave, but as we are NAG and not MGM the title is outside our remit.

  • Of course NAG has nothing to do with the title, the comment was a general opinion, which I’ll repeat again just to be annoying – The Nudist is a TERRIBLE title.

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