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Public Nudity can be Acceptable

Lots of naturists enjoy open space naturism at many places in the UK, when the weather allows. As naturists we know that only in a few extreme cases does public nakedness offend some people, and now the evidence to prove this is being collected. If you enjoy being at one with nature, alone or with others, in the UK’s great outdoors your experience may be able to help prove that there is public acceptance of naturism.

You may have heard about the Naturist Action Group (NAG) project on collecting data, through a Casual Naturism Report form. Early indications are very positive, with nearly all returns (at June 2015) from naturists showing that people who witness this are NOT offended. However, the evidence needs to be supplemented by returns, in confidence, from far more naturists. This will then lead to it being substantial enough for use in the defence of the few naturists who face legal action. This where you may be able to help them.

WNBR a positive influence
In the season of WNBR rides the police are beginning to respond constructively. TV statements by local senior officers, about nudity in public not necessarily being illegal, have recently been made. It is perhaps not coincidental that this constructive attitude, by the police locally, comes after the joint NAG/BN project Police and Public Nudity. In late 2014 project leaders were in discussion with the top body The College of Policing.

That discussion focussed on developing new practise guidelines for Chief Constables and senior police officers. In 2013 the government  The Crown Prosecution Service issued Guidance on handling cases of Naturismtelling solicitors and other legal persons when and how to take legal action in cases involving public nudity.

There are many WNBR rides in the UK where nudity on town and city streets does not offend ordinary citizens. It is the WNBR movement itself which introduced the concept ‘bare as you dare’ to their campaign, to highlight the unprotected nature of cyclists on our crowded roads.

Many, particularly young, people of both sexes have embraced public nudity through the WNBR. Together they have delighted tens of thousands of onlookers along WNBR routes. Significantly, no serious legal challenge has been mounted against nudity in any WNBR ride that has taken place in the UK to date.

Your information can help
Mass nudity in public is one thing: alongside this have been countless occasions when naturists have enjoyed open space nudity in a discreet way. This enjoyment continues on countryside and coastal public footpaths, in fields and moorlands, on beaches which may not be ‘official’ naturist beaches. And of course some naturists are lucky enough to be able to do so in their own gardens.

You may have been involved in open space naturist activity, either alone or with others. By taking just a few minutes to complete the NAG Casual Naturism Report Form you will be helping the naturist cause in the UK. The details you give may relate to an occasion which has happened some while ago, more recently, or has yet to occur. Two versions of the form on this website.

Comments can be filled in electronically and emailed to NAG. Alternatively a PDF version can be printed from the NAG website, to fill in by hand and then mail to the address give here. Should you need to have a Casual Naturism Report Form posted to you instead then please send a stamped Self Addressed Envelope to: NAG SURVEY, Flat 19 Charles Ponsonby House, Osberton Road, OXFORD OX2 7PQ.

The more comprehensive your answers the more helpful your Report will be. NAG will maintain strict confidentiality when you provide your comments. Each completed Form will add valuable information to the database – and together this really could make a difference for naturism.

This is an article by John Paine published elsewhere, posted by Reg Barlow with minor edits.

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  • Yes, it’s really helpful to all naturists if we share our experiences of being naked in public by filling in a Casual Naturism Report form. The only sentence in the article I’d take issue with is the comment that “some naturists are lucky enough to be able to do so in their own gardens”. All of us can be naked in our gardens if we wish, no matter what neighbours or passers-by may think. In terms of the CPS Guidance we are doing nothing illegal by using our gardens in the manner we prefer. We must assert our right to dress as we please on our own property and not give in to the objections of prejudiced prudes.

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