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Nude Performance Opportunity

I’m organising a group art exhibition in central London starting 16th July 2015.
My own work is partly performance-based and I am looking for volunteers to appear without clothes during a short, live piece on the evening of the private view.

So began an email from Damien Gallagher. Naturally, being in central London this is another post aimed at those living in or around the capital. If you fancy volunteering then more information can be found from the website Lost Forever.

Lost Forever Flyer

Lost Forever Flyer

3 Responses to Nude Performance Opportunity

  • Hi, appear doing what? How easy is parking, or is it mainly for local people?

    • I’m afraid I don’t know. Londoner I may be, but I’m from the East end, I’m not too familiar with SW London. Perhaps you can put those questions to the contact email:

  • Since I’m taking part in this performance, maybe I can help. The format of the piece will be developed by the artist in collaboration with the volunteer performers during rehearsals, which are being held on Tuesday evenings in Wandsworth.

    Up to 10 or 12 performers, of different ages, shapes, genders and ethnicity, possibly wearing masks, will try to represent the theme ‘Lost Forever’, perhaps by a combination of static poses and movement. Nothing too difficult or challenging. The artist says: “I believe that the human body is beautiful and to be celebrated in all of its diversity and, with this piece, I am interested in how live performance nudity contrasts with depictions of nudity in art, photography and the media. I am interested in how visitors to the show will respond to this real and immediate nakedness, particularly how this might differ from the objectification and sexualisation of the body so prevalent in the media today.”

    For further details, or to volunteer, please contact the artist: Do not contact the gallery whose email address Reg mentioned, as they are not involved in the development of the work. Women are particularly encouraged to volunteer, since currently there are more men than women.

    The performance on 16 July will be very close to Waterloo, with its excellent public transport links. Parking will be difficult, so I wouldn’t recommend driving there.

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