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New NAG publicity leaflets available

You may like to help promote NAG at any naturist activities you will be undertaking this summer. We have created a new A5 NAG leaflet to hand out in a PDF format to print two on an A4 sheet, or please look under the ‘Downloads’ tab.  We also have plenty printed, along with the NAG business card, and should you need to have some sent to you please give me a postal address for you to receive them. Email me the details at

I will normally send out, on request, 20 leaflets + 20 business cards. If you need a larger quantity please let me know!For those of you meeting with us at Spielplatz on Saturday 23 May, or Abbey House Gardens on Sunday 24 May, I can pass them to you then. We will also have them in London for the 13 June WNBR.

John Paine, NAG management group

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  • I would like to see this but am having a bit of trouble finding it. The Leaflet under Downloads is dated June 2011 so I imagine this is newer.


  • Sorry Howard. I’ve amended the links originally provided and you should now be able to link to the new leaflet either from the link in John’s post or from the ‘Downloads’ tab. If you would like to have some preprinted leaflets then by all means email John for more information.

  • Many thanks.
    I shall print some off and hand them out on the London WNBR.


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