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Eastney Beach Needs Your Help Once Again.

1506475_536419379831742_1132975475704146083_n   You may, or may not, know of the struggle the Eastney Beach Group had defending naturist use of Eastney Beach against the owners, who were seeking to develop former MOD land, a few years ago. A new threat appears to be looming, and a new campaign group needs our support;  here’s what Mike Houlsby has to say on the petition website:

Until recently it was hard to imagine that this could ever change. However a dangerous precedent has been set: the first commercial building was constructed on Eastney beach in 2014. We anticipate that other planning applications may follow soon, and if approved, it will destroy the very thing we love about our beach. We want to stop this trend now before it is too late.We want Portsmouth Council to prevent any future construction on Eastney Beach and preserve its natural character.

Please visit the petition website, and consider signing the petition, also share it far and wide. Every signature counts!


The Save Eastney Beach Campaign, a wider collaboration involving residents and visitors to Southsea, is also looking for more volunteers to help run the campaign, you may be able to lend some support. There is also a Facebook page at:

  Many thanks!

2 Responses to Eastney Beach Needs Your Help Once Again.

  • Guys, it’s not an Eastney Naturists petition – the quoted text belongs to the Residents and Visitors of Southsea Group.

    The greatest strength our original campaign had was that it wasn’t just Naturists who wanted to see Eastney Beach left as it is. That’s certainly borne out by this latest petition, that has my support, organised by the Residents and Visitors of Southsea Group

  • Thanks Mike, I’ve reworded the post to make it quite clear that it is a different campaign group. I made reference to the Eastney Beach Group because most of our supporters will remember the good work you and the others did fighting the original threat.

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