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NAG & BN Approach Chief Constables & PCCs on policy on ‘policing’ nudity.

For the last 3 years NAG has been running a project to monitor the fate of naturists who come in to conflict with The Law, help where we can, and prepare an approach to The Authorities. We met with BN earlier in the year, and as they were charting a similar course we agreed to cooperate fully together in a joint project. The response was altered when the Crown Prosecution Service unexpectedly issues a guideline on the issue just as we were drafting our submission. This altered our approach, but does not remove any of its importance or urgency.

As a result we have just written to every Chief

6 Responses to NAG & BN Approach Chief Constables & PCCs on policy on ‘policing’ nudity.

  • An excellent statement of our case. Well done!

  • I would love to know what the Hertfordshire constabulary made of this letter, I do a lot of freehiking in and around herts countryside up until now ive been noticed twice and the textiles found it pleasant and amusing to see a nudist hiking. Do you have a copy of their response or can you please tell me how I would obtain one, many thanks.

    • I’ll send you a copy by email separately.
      The full report will be published soon, but we have a few bits of protocol to go through first.
      Duncan Heenan

  • Duncan,

    My experiences are similar to smoothnude. I frequently go nude hiking in the Kent / Sussex border area. I’ve only once had a negative response when spotted but it wasn’t that bad.
    I too would be interested to know the responses.
    I read in the local Courier paper and here on your website of the naked cyclist who seems to have got away with his riding on local country lanes without any adverse consequences.

    • Thanks for that. It is just as important to know of good experiences as of bad ones. This will become increasingly of relevance as our dialogue with The College of Policing develops, as they want examples of how we feel the police should react to reports of public nudity.

  • My three different experiences of police response to public nakedness.

    1) 2015 World Naked Bike Ride, Portsmouth. – A lot of police presence for a relatively small number of protestors with police on bikes escorting the riders the whole way. I found this reassuring and chose to regard it as supportive and protection for the riders from public objectors and I would hope the public would regard it he same way. However it could also be viewed as intimidating, overreaction and a waste of money, especially as the public were in fact very friendly and supportive.

    2) 2015 World Naked Bike Ride, Southampton – a similar number of riders but no visible police presence at all, public reaction ranged from joyful support with clapping and cheering (notably including a group of school children at the start) to indifference.

    3) 2015 World Naked Bike Ride, Brighton – a much bigger gathering and more of a festival atmosphere, police presence was barely (excuse the pun) noticeable. Public reaction much like Southampton with a bit more indifference.

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