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The London Question – The Way Forward

Over the last two years, a dedicated group of 50 naturists (both men and women) have reviewed 25+ parks and open spaces in London for The London Question (TLQ). After our aborted naked picnic, John Pain, Duncan Heenan and Harvey Allen had a high level meeting with representatives of the City of London Corporation.

You can learn more about that and how we think how TLQ should go forward by attending a meeting on Sunday 8th September 2013 between 15:00hrs and 17:00hrs, with John Pain hosting. More details are included our invitation to all supporters who live or work in London, and occurs just after the UCL naturist swim.

Reg Barlow

Chairman, Naturist Action Group

3 Responses to The London Question – The Way Forward

  • Hello, I’m interested to take part at the meeting on Sunday 8th September buth where is it ? if is possible to give me an answer thanks Varuna

  • Hello Varuna,
    More information about the meeting’s location can be found by clicking the hyperlink attached to the word ‘Invitation’. But to help you out, it will be held at McGlynn’s Freehouse in Whidborne Street, WCiH 8ET ( it starts at 3pm on Sunday 8th September.

  • Sorry to have missed this. Interested in hearing more about any outcomes.

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