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One Giant Leap for Nigel, One small step for Naturism.

The following article is by Duncan Heenan, and only posted by me.

As part of NAG’s long-term project to get some sense in to the policing of public nudity, last September I attended the retrial of Nigel Keer. His acquittal will now be widely known and great news for Nigel, but what does this mean for naturism?

Nigel Keer was out walking on the moors at Otley Chevin a year ago, and it was a lovely day so once he was well away from the car park, he stripped off, as he has done many times before. He encountered several people, none of whom seemed at all bothered by his nudity, until he was unlucky enough to meet Mark Buxton, an off duty police

3 Responses to One Giant Leap for Nigel, One small step for Naturism.

  • Common sense wins out but why can’t magistrates and the CPS do the same.

  • I’m not totally comfortable with what this article seems to be pointing at, a concept that there are going to be locations and times where nudity is acceptable and others where you can be prosecuted for it. It would lead to a situation where “you just have to know” what’s legal and what isn’t. I don’t think there are ever going be signs to say “Now entering nudity-prohibited zone” sort of like speed limit signs, but maybe it would help everyone if they were installed.

    If the judge said, “This behaviour was not carried out in front of a school or in the street in a town centre. It took place on moorland in broad daylight. In view of the location of this incident, the time of day and the reaction of others as we have found it to be, we do not consider that anyone was likely to be harassed by this behaviour or intimidated or distressed”, then the strong implication was that at other places and times, being naked wouldn’t be treated so leniently. So it’s seeming as if indeed, you just have to know. I suggest that naturists can be happy that there’s some tolerance for nudity in public, but there’s a very vague line between where we can do it, and where we can’t. And that’s likely to be a constant source of trouble.

  • I think on balance that this is a good step forward. Liberation struggles often take a number of small victories to achieve full freedom. Think of the gay liberation struggle. Great progress has been made through a detemined campaign. First the decriminalisation; then the lowering of the age of consent; then civil partnerships. Nevertheless, full entry to mainstream society is still being withheld with many MPs wanting to retain marriage as the exclusive preserve of the heterosexual. But I think that will change, given time and affort.
    What we have to really be on guard against with the above judgement is the half won campaign – nudity OK in the remote countryside but illegal in elsewhere. And we are going to have to work very hard to counter the idea that children must be ‘protected’ from the naked body.

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