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The Future of Naturism

It is just three days to the Spielplatz get-together on Saturday afternoon. I know the weather isn’t promising (its forecast to be mostly sunny, but just 19C), but we would really like to see you there.
Reg Barlow,
Chairman, Naturist Action Group.

3 Responses to The Future of Naturism

  • I am looking forward to seeing many friends this Saturday. An update on The London Question project will be available.

    I know that Spielplatz management would be happy for NAG supporters to spend more than just Saturday afternoon there!

  • It saddens me to say, being so close to home, that i will not be able to attend the meeting at spielplatz, prior engagements have ridden president unfortunately. I hope that all goes well for you and look forward to reading reports from this meeting, once again really sorry.

  • I also would like to have come but cannot make it. Talking together is a good way to get ideas but as I cannot come then perhaps I will email any ideas that I have if that helps.

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