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The Future of Naturism in the UK – 15/16 September

Every few months, the directors of the Naturist Action Group get together to talk over the issues we are confronting and as our Autumn meeting is going to be held at Spielplatz, St Albans, Hertfordshire, we thought it would be a good opportunity for our supporters to meet us, and we to meet you, on Saturday 15th September!

During the informal meeting, which will take place from 2pm until roughly 4pm, we shall be happy to answer any of your questions about the different projects we have on the go and to hear your suggestions for how these, and NAG, could develop in the future. The rest of the day you can enjoy the sunshine (if there is any), a pint, or whatever is your tipple is, from the licensed bar or use their other facilities, including a heated swimming pool. Later in the evening, there will be entertainment for club members and visitors alike, a collection of naturist films.

If you are a part of a web group, club or any other naturist organisation then this Spielplatz weekend could be the ideal opportunity for you to gather and discuss “The Future of Naturism in the UK” and any other common issues, and perhaps find ways of working together. We have scheduled Sunday 16th September for that, but as neither NAG nor Spielplatz will necessarily be involved in these discussions then they can just as well take place on Saturday too.

So you could make a weekend of it and to make it all go down better with the pocket, we have negotiated a 20% discount for our supporters from Spielplatz’s usual prices. These are (non-member’s prices), £12 per night for caravans or campervans, or £5 per night for tents plus in either case £10 per person, per day. Please give the reception prior warning of your arrival and present this voucher (new window) when you pay.

Oh! One more thing, despite what it says on the voucher, we are pretty sure that meals will be available between 10am and 4pm.
Hope to see you there!
Reg Barlow
Chairman, Naturist Action Group.

12 Responses to The Future of Naturism in the UK – 15/16 September

  • … and the DATE is … ?

    • Yup! It would be a good idea wouldn’t it, and my thanks too whyndham. Sorry. My lame excuse is that I was rushing. I’ve amended the original post again (but thanks to Andy for covering my back) to give the date within the main text and title. Just to underscore it though, the Spielplatz weekend will be over 15th and 16th September 2012.

  • Thanks for the heads-up wyhndham, we have added a line at the top of the post. Saturday 15th September, 2pm – 4pm at St Albans, Hertfordshire.

  • I live in London, I do not know if I can, I’d like to participate.

  • oo I would like to go, but it depends on if I can get a lift & a mate to come along, hopefully go home Sunday, would be good.

  • I would attend. I have hours of stuff I would like to say.
    …..but I am short of money & time.
    …..and it is a long way from Brighton to St Albans and I dont have personal transport.
    …..also, most poignantly, I am close to giving up on naturism in the UK. It is a lie!

    Everywhere we hear of “non-sexual naturism” yet swinging is as universal as it is not-very-well-hidden behind curtains.
    Everywhere we hear of acceptance but every ruse is taken to drive away or discourage minorities.
    Everywhere we hear of tolerance, yet it is most naturists who are clandestine and shut themselves away from the world like a naked Amish.
    Everywhere we hear of the “lifestyle”, yet there is scant life allowed in case it encourages noisy people out enjoying themselves.
    Everywhere we hear of safety but there is abounding evidence of child exploitation (I shall tactfully avoid the word “abuse”)
    Everywhere we hear the word “community” but in reality the lifestyle is a collection of egregious autarchic couples spitting venom at everyone who steps on their territory.

    The final straw came in the wake of the rape of a 10-year-old girl in the dunes behind the naturist section of Studland Beach.

    The only concern I ever read was the fear that naturists would be blamed. What does it matter a f*** what the world thinks of us. This is about a little girl’s life. Is that not more important than the freedom to strip in public? Get some priorities!!!!!

    I started a Facebook cause where naturists could volunteer to take a beach break every now and then and timeshare some dune watchdog work with a couple of colleagues. This would be enough to scare off any abusers. That is all it takes; a little sacrifice. Then it would stop!

    Alas….. NO INTEREST!!!!! Evidence that naturists don’t give a s**t!

    But maybe there are too many distractions these days…. financial greed, extra-marital relationships, nights out on the tiles, virtual reality fixation, drugs & alcohol.

    Whatever happened to community in the UK? Naturists were supposed to be the last bastion …..instead we are just the next bastards!

    I shall just continue the fight alone. If I have any money to spare I shall go to Studland on sentry duty rather than going to the “Playground” for a meeting. Maybe there will be one or two on the way with conscience and community, but I have allergies so I won’t be holding my breath.

    Naturist was my hope for the future of society. I can’t even see the horizon any more!

    • It is obvious that Will has written from the heart and while he has expressed some strong views, NAG and its directors reserve the right to disagree with him. None of it is policy.

      While naturism itself is not perfect, we have to deal with the situation as it is not how we’d like it to be. We have spoken out against many of the things that Will has, we have also sought the cohesion within naturism he has found lacking, but that does not mean we have lost patience or that we shall stop trying. Even the gentlest of elements – the wind and rain – will eventually grind everything, even the largest mountain, into dust.

      The sexual assault on the child at Studland – any child, anywhere – will never be condoned and if found, naturist or non-naturist, the perpetrator should feel the full force of the law.

      What Will does in the future is up to him, stay or leave, we shall continue to work – even if slowly – towards a mainstream society that is fairer, more just to those who follow a clothes-free lifestyle.
      Reg Barlow
      Chairman, Naturist Action Group

  • “A study carried out by pet insurer Petplan shows a 36 per cent increase year on year of pet owners creating social media pages for their animals. Seven per cent of dog owners have given their animals a Facebook page, compared to four per cent of cat owners. The trend was kick-started by Boo, the ‘world’s cutest dog’ – a Pomeranian with more online fans than the Dalai Lama.”

    Maybe its cats and dogs that just don’t care?

  • I don’t think I shall give up my naturist ways, Reg. That is because I have my idea of what naturism is and should be and everyone who lets that down is not worthy of the title “naturist”.

    So I am taking a sabbatical from helping everyone else, as it is usually used as a weapon against you. Right now I have had it with the Anglophone world and its scurrilous mindsets. It does not deserve my sacrifices.

    I have my very good nudewalking friends who I know and trust; Richard Collins, Chris Lamb, Bernard Boase, Roger Coupe and a few others you will not be familiar with. They are much stronger than me and can carry on the fight on my behalf.

    The Sussex and surrounding countryside is beautiful and perfect for recollection and reconsideration. Even the dressed people there are of a worthy nmind. Maybe I can rekindle my enthusiasm there with the help of my friends.

    I am joining SOC for a walk in the “Nude Forest” this Friday. It is a start, a new departure point. #

    I will keep an interest in NAG and its site because I know you are worthy people.

    Hugz Will

  • Hello, I will be there. I am looking forward to having an opportunity to meet all of you who are going to make it. In the meantime, next few days I am going to an academic conference to present a paper on why society forces people to wear clothes… and ideas on how to build a clothing-optional world… I will let you know if I get away with any new good ideas

  • My wife and I will be attending as we live within 30mins drive from Spielplatz. We have contacted the Spielplatz Reception and left a voice message notifying them of our intention to attend this event. We have printed our discount vouchers. Looking forward to meeting and discussing the future of naturism in the UK.

  • We had a most enjoyable & interesting day at Spielplatz meeting up with fellow naturists attending the NAG meeting. The weather was good, the company was good and the hospitality was good. The meeting was very informative and encouraging, with feedback & suggestions forthcoming from all participants. All in all a very satisfying and positive day!

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