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Steve Gough and Human Rights

Shortly, Steve Gough will be returning to Kirkcaldy Sherriff Court following his Breach of the Peace conviction and another assessment his mental health.

On 26 August 2012, Bernard Boase – a long-time naturist and a campaigner for Gough’s release – had an article published in The Daily Express, which argued that his continued incarceration would be against his human rights. Regardless of whether you think Gough is a hero or a villain, we believe his re-imprisonment amounts to a cruel and extraordinary punishment and it shows the distance between society and the Scottish judiciary when it comes to simple, non-sexual public nudity.

With the author’s permission, we reproduce the article HERE.

14 Responses to Steve Gough and Human Rights

  • Non-sexual nudity? As a gay man, I believe nudity ends the myth that most people are exclusively heterosexual.

    • Not sure how you come to that conclusion Stuart, or the relevance of you being gay in making that fact more obvious.

  • I agree Reg. I don’t understand the logic in the statement either.

    Knowing the typical “backs to the wall” kind of attitude often experienced when growing up, I was nervous about entering into organised naturism. After all, I would be interacting with NAKED men. I was reassured, and then pleasantly surprised with the attitude of most naturists regarding sexuality. My partner is a fair bit older than I, so I’ve often been asked if he is my father. I tell them the situation, and other than mild surprise, I’ve never had any reaction.

    I believe that being a naturist does give you a greater acceptance of other alternative lifestyles, and maybe helps you accept your own sexuality, but I don’t think it makes you more likely to experiment sexually.

  • Sex and Naturism what’s the connection, my wife and I have been Naturists for more years than I can remember but the two have never had anything in common in the places we have visited we even spent a week at Cape d Age and okay we were in by midnight, despite all the hype and stories we saw nothing that you could take offence at and had a great week.


  • I agree Reg, didn’t know what he was trying to say. Perhaps he just likes telling people he’s gay.

  • Reg, Stephen doesn’t need a bunch of lapdogs.

  • As Harry Hill would say, “Random response thread of the wee-eek!”

  • Chribe, “my wife and I”? I view marriage as an oppresive institution, even more oppresive than tax.

  • Stuart, what are you trying to do?

  • I don’t think any of us know what he’s trying to do or say cos he doesn’t make any sense at all..

  • His posts also seem quite provocative, AND arguably contradictory in relation to his original post and his response to mine.

    Maybe he isn’t a troll, but he’s certainly displaying troll like tendencies.

  • Hi Stuart

    You bring great joy to my life


  • It is great that Steve is now free and Bernard’s article is superb. It is incredible that a judicial system could contemplate and indeed state publicly that Steve might spend the rest of his life in prison for being naked. Of course they referred to the rule of law but in fact he was subjected to prejudice rather than justice. We all need to stand up for our right to be naked or we will find it eroded. What happened to Steve could potentially happen to any of us. I garden naked all the time (over 30 years) and the police did call on me recently to check out a report from a member of the public. The police decided that I was OK. But what if a few body phobics get up a campaign and maybe start creating rumours about me … and the police might then decide take some action … and it all escalates … I could give in at any stage but if I resist and insist on being naked then what?
    As for hero or villain, real people rarely are either, I think Steve is just a guy who decided to stay firm and not be intimidated, perhaps over principled but very courageous. He has caught the imagination of the public and most are favourable and astounded at the reaction of the scotttish judiciary. Overall I think he makes a positive impression of the naked lifestyle.
    roger coupe

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