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Naturism in London IS Happening

In the latest series of articles about The London Question for H&E Naturist, John Paine explains that London isn’t as bereft of naturists and naturist events as we first thought. More can still be done however and now that the small matters of the Queen’s jubilee celebrations, the Olympics and Paralympics are almost over, NAG is looking to resuming its investigation. Read John’s article Naturism is happening in London prior to publication.

2 Responses to Naturism in London IS Happening

  • There are many events that have been organised to raise money for Charity, this year – including a mass skinny dip in Dorset and Wales – For Marie Curie Cancer Care….

    Why don’t we do the same – And organise a skinny dip on Hampstead Heath or Wimbledon Common ?

    Great fun — For a Great cause !

  • Let’s do a skinny dip to raise some funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care — Before it’s winter again !!!

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