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World Naked Bike Ride

It is but a week to go before the WNBR in Portsmouth takes place on Saturday 26th May 2012, giving you a chance to be “as bare as you dare”.
Choose your preferred form of human powered transport, be it an old penny-farthing (aka boneshaker) to roller-blades.
Gather at Rose Garden, Lumps Fort, Southsea Esplanade from 12:30 for a 13:00 set off for 40-minutes of fun cycling around old Portsmouth and the city centre.
This is your chance to voice your concerns about the UKs oil dependency and the vulnerability of cyclists on our roads. The directors for NAG will also be around – with one or two actually participating – so if you can get there we’d be more than pleased to see you and happy to answer any questions.
Follow Portsmouth WNBR on Facebook or the Portsmouth page of the WNBR wiki.

While I’m here, the poster for London’s own ride, which starts and finishes at Wellington Arch this year, due to the Jubilee celebrations and Olympics.

And finally, can also mention Bristol WNBR 2012

It is being organised to take place on Sunday 10 June. It moves off at 1.30pm for a 4 mile circular route around Bristol city centre area. The assembly place is outside THE FULL MOON on North Road, Stokes Croft, BRISTOL BS1 3PR
and it will finish there.

Before the ride, people will be putting on body paint, but that may be done at a different location so that they arrive at the Full Moon already painted. Whether anyone will be organising an after-event I do not know. In 2011 they estimated this WNBR had over 200 riders.

The Bristol WNBR 2012 organising group contact is Caroline on email

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  • One day anyone will be able to naked bike ride, any day, any place, any time. Sadly I won’t be able to take part but I sure would love to see that day arrive. soon !

  • I would heartily recommend the WNBR to all naturists and those who would like to experience a naturist event but haven’t got round to it yet. I went on the London one last year and had such a good time, I am going again this year and to the one in Brighton the following day! It was by far the best, happiest, most friendly and enjoyable naturist event I have ever been involved in – the atmosphere is tremendously positive and it was quite exhilarating! An ideal introduction to the liberating experience of being naked with others. And the public response was also overwhelmingly positive – smiles, laughs and cheers all the way! It gives a huge boost to the image of naturism, and it also serves a very useful purpose in drawing attention to the vulnerability of cyclists. Just one proviso, though – the bit before the beginning of the ride can be quite stressful, because as the riders get ready I’m afraid there are a lot of photographers, some of whom are quite aggressive and insensitive, shoving their camera lenses in your face (and elsewhere!) and getting in the way. This is quite irritating and could be a bit overwhelming and intimidating to first-timers, but I assure you once the ride gets going, it’s totally different and real fun. Don’t be put off by some of these prurient characters (obviously it’s a public event so people take photos, but if you don’t want your face all over the internet afterwards, it might be an idea to disguise yourself with a funny hat, dark glass, paint, or whatever!

  • I would recommend the Portsmouth ride for newbies. Being a new ride (this is the second year), it is a little bit smaller, shorter and gentler than most of the other rides, and very well policed (both by the Police and the organisers). Also, being the first of the UK rides, if you like it (you will!!!) then you know what to expect at Southampton, London or Brighton later on (or Cardiff, or any of the others!!). Last years ride went so well that the church group, who were opposed to the ride, have ignored it this year :o) (indeed, I believe one or two of their members will be taking part. BICBW). So: come along to Pompey on 26 May!!!! The weather will be lovely!! for details.

  • I agree, these are hugely enjoyable events, loved by all and great for promoting nakedness. Just to say on intrusive photographers (and this does happen), there is a code of conduct that should be adhered to by them. They should ask for your permission before taking individual shots of you (and you are free to decline). A raised hand is a signal that you do not wish to be photographed. If the code is broken you should remind the photographer of the code. Longer distance group shots may be a different matter. Personally, I am not bothered too much by photography, but I have seen discourteous behaviour by some photographers. It is probably just their enthusiasm taking over. Hope to see you all there!

  • To be honest Tommobared, I don’t think that day will ever arrive, but it is nice to have something to aspire to – even if it is out of reach.

  • Unfortunately, too many photographers don’t follow those rules, so it is up to us to challenge them. I do. You can recognise the dodgey ones by the size of their telephoto lens – far too big for the job of taking generalised pictures in a confined space and they concentrate on female riders. Or they will work in pairs, one will stand a short distance from their true target and almost in-line so he – but usually she – is in shot.

    You should be polite, but I tend to be funny/sarcastic, which is how I am. Once, at the London ride I asked a photographer with a very large lens and about to take a picture of a woman who was laying down if he couldn’t get a bigger lens! He walked off, the last thing this type of photographer want is a confrontation as it will draw them to the police’s attention. On another occasion, when I was participating, I noticed the alignment of a photographer and his ‘model’ (I’m sure these were casual photographers not professional porno takers) I turned to the photographer and told him if he wanted my photograph, he should ask. They immediately wondered off after that, hopefully shamefaced.

    Only, lets not get to hung up on these parasites. If you are riding, I hope your chosen day and town/city is a good one and it is enjoyable.

  • Hallo Reg!
    Yes – I agree we shouldn’t get hung up about these photographers. But I just wanted to let anyone who is considering going for the first time that there is this awkward bit at the beginning when you tend to feel overwhelmed with giant telephoto lenses, but not to let themselves be intimidated or put off, because the rest of the ride is totally enjoyable. You are right that some of these guys (they are nearly all men – many from a particular part of the world or culture, but we won’t go into that!) totally ignore the ‘rules’, and I also take it up with them. I think for many of them the idea of people, specially women, being naked in public is so extraordinary they treat is as some kind of pornographic spectacle, which is annoying. You are right, if they are challenged they tend to back off, but at least one guy last year was quite belligerent when asked to stop being so intrusive – he seemed to think it was his ‘right’ to do what he liked! So I just stood in front of the young women he was bullying and got in the way – he didn’t want pictures of me!! Admittedly, we are being naked in a public place, but it doesn’t seem to occur to some people that we still have basic individual rights, even if we are naked! lol I will be stewarding this year, and we have already agreed that if people are being treated disrespectfully we will collectively challenge the photographer involved, in a firm but non-violent way (you are right – humour is a good tool in this kind of situation).

  • The point about pervy photographers is that, if they solely wanted close-ups of boobs and willies they could do that by zooming in from 20 yards away. Therefore the sole purpose of muscling in (and I resist stipulating which muscle) mainly on vulnerable female riders is to intimidate.

    Much like that Spanish (-based) titflicker, Pedro the Fisherman, who has come to our attention by perving in on the Brighton ride – – ………the best way to approach it may be to fight fire is with fire.

    If we can identify who these cammers are by sight, we could arrange for blokes, big ugly, hideous blokes with small *****es, and other people actually in clothes to barge in front of their photo attempts, creating the firebreak. I can assure you these are exactly the kind of people who used to insultingly drop their cams when I was in shot because I don’t appeal genitally to the prurient (every cloud…..). They just want “floosies”! So, if only from vengeance lol, I would be happy to oblige, for one.

    Also using the tried and tested trick of photoing him photoing others and shaming him on the internet is a real winner.

    You would only need to do all of this a few times for him to get the message. That would wreck his little gallery for 2012.

    The other way to look at the issue is strategically, rather than tactically.

    The whole principle behind the World Naked Bike Ride is that we, the riders, make a personal sacrifice of our time and effort to campaigh for the causes of less carbon fuel dependency, greater road safety for cyclists and body freedom over body elitism.

    Therefore it is a little churlish to complain that we have to make a further sacrifice of our bodies to lascivious photographers when it is consciously exploiting that very lasciviousness throughout mainstream society that get us noticed. After all nobody would look if we just wore campaign tee-shirts.

    So, perhaps we should consider amusing these snappers as just another sacrifice we make.

    We should perhaps just turn the other cheek …..and on a naked ride we do have a choice of four cheeks!

    Hugz Will

  • snappers snappers we hate them HOLD ON we have a message to put across. we need publicity. to help get our message across.
    I do not blame the individual snapper I blame a sick society that seems to find the sight of themselves wrong. We need to educate society and show that the sight of the human body is not wrong but normal.
    The naked bike ride helps in this it shows that people can perform normally when naked.
    If a few snappers find my body a turn on its there problem not mine. the problem will deminish as more and more people become exposed to the naked body and learn that it is normal. IN FACT WEARING CLOTHES IS NOT NORMAL WE HAVE TO BE TAUGHT TO WEAR CLOTHES. So i dont care snap away .

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