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19 Responses to NAG Website – Post and Comment Email Notifications

  • hi everybody Have you seen the article in the tory daily graph about a mr keen Convicted of walking naked. because a woman Alegidly frowned. its in the weird section of the paper.
    I mam upset for 2 reasons 1 there apears to be very little evidence against him. just the word of a pc. the other reason is that it was put in the weird section. Surly it should have been in the court reports. Afterall this is an issue of liberty and freedom.

  • I thought that an offence was only committed if someone was naked and intended to cause offence i.e. behaving offensively. Being naked alone is not illegal. I hope he appeals.

  • This is the article:

    I note that Nigel Keer calls into question the very existence of the anonymous female dog walker. This is not the first time this has happened when there is no one to actually come forward and complain. But it appears that it was the police officer who was offended.

    According to the report, Pc Mark Buxton said ‘I was so shocked and surprised and to some degree alarmed by what I had just seen’.

    I would suggest that statement alone calls into question the suitability of Pc Mark Buxton’s role as a police officer.

  • I appealed! Sadly our legal system is in the hands of interest groups who may not be naturist friendly. Where do you think they recruit lay magistrates from? From between the black and white pillars of (in)justice of course!
    The recorder of my appeal case maliciously sabotaged my appeal.
    so why do you think individual executives within the Courts will act within the Law in Mr Keen’s case?
    One major attraction for people to join the police and court administration is the attendant carte blanche to perpetuate their schoolyard bullying.

  • Nigel Keer was convicted under the Public Order Act section 5. Unlike with section 66 of the Public Sexual Offences Act 2003 all the prosecution had to prove was that he was aware that someone might be offended by seeing him naked. It was this which led to Richard Collins’ conviction confirmed on appeal.

    It remains the law that being naked in public per se is not illegal but if you are aware that someone might be offended then you take your chance with the perceptions of anyone who sees you.

    The law on nudity is confused. Neither the two acts of parliament mentioned above were designed to deal with it. It will probably take years before the law can be changed and a common sense position can be reached.

    In the meantime law-abiding citizens who enjoy nude recreation in the countryside or on the beach must be advised to be discreet.

    For now naturists who enjoy being naked outside should tqke care not to be seen

  • I would suggest that statement alone calls into question the suitability of Pc Mark Buxton’s role as a police officer.
    Very much so. Police are so easily alarmed these days perhaps they should have someone with them when they go out?

  • If I have seen poor parents smacking their children and deriding them in public places. If I tell a policeman will the parents be arrested and fined for causing me alarm and distress?

    This does not happen becuase we say that parents have the right to decide what is best for their children, parents’ rights override my alarm and distress.

    So why does not our innate right to dress, or not to dress, as we please also take precedence?

  • wnbr cannot use last years route because the mall is to be closed from 3/6 to mid september Queens jubilee and the olympics

  • I sent this link to a friend of mine, a teacher in Germany who takes an official school group out on naked hikes and is openly allowed to post pictures thereof on the internet.

    I await his response in pre-emptive despair.

    This is not a one-off! This is part of a man-made social and moral armageddon!

    It is not just officialdom. I blame the entire Anglophone world, all of us, for allowing this abomination to happen, again and again. It virtually never happens in Europe. I suspect there are barely half a million English-speaking people in the world who can see a naked body without thinking of sex, because that is precisely the mindset of Warrington Council here.

    So, if all but a handful of in the Anglophone world are such perverts …..then why? Quite simple….. because the internet is largely English-language based. So those of us suffiently sub-intellectual are easy targets for the brainwashing by mass-media, big business and social enterprise into sexual OCD, reaping the corresponding financial rewards for the corporate Pied Pipers.

    The trouble is…. you cannot vote out corporations, hence it will continue ad infinitum.

    So, in the van of this backdrop, how does NAG intend to sell naturism to the mindset of a mainstream of the intellectually and socially retarded?

  • the German view, but I bet their MAINSTREAM society would say much the same. >>>>

    Danke für deinen link.
    Das ist wirklich schade und scandalos das sowas geschiet.
    Nackheit ist die naturlichste sache der welt. Man sollte die schüler zur naturlicher nackheit erziehen anstatt sowas diabolisieren.

  • I suggest you email the head of the school and tell them what you think, I have. Put some ACTION into NAG or nothing will ever change!

    sch_Bridgewater_headsec []

  • I strongly suggest that you DON’t email the head of the school at all. The teacher concerned has asked that people don’t do that.

  • OK. Do not mail Warrington Council either, it is they who were responsible for forwarding my email to the head.

  • Oh dear; too late!
    I have already made a formal complaint, deliberately provocative, to Warrington, demanding an investigation into the suitability of the staff concerned to operate in an area involving minors, due to being perverts.

    The logical progression is:- the only ground for being offended by nudity is the view that it is ‘obscene’. In turn the only context where nudity can be considered obscene is sexual. Hence the staff concerned is incapable of seeing nudity without thinking of sex. This is in itself the ultimate perversion. In fact someone incapable of viewin nakedness without lapsing into a sexual mindset is demonstrably a danger bathing his/her own (naked) children.
    Therefore such staff is a health and safety (notwithstanding legal) risk to any minors under his remit and must be removed from his position.

    I shall expedite a reply today.

    I believe it is vital that there is a movement within naturism to fight fire with fire and protect itself and society as a whole from perverted mindsets in inappropriate positions of authority.

    I say ‘take them on!’

  • “I say ‘take them on!’”

    Even against the express wishes of those actually concerned?

  • I have mixed feelings on this. On one side of things we should respect the wishes of some poor bloke who wants to cling on to his career and reputation while being investigated for what appears to be ‘unnacceptable’ or ‘inappropriate’ behaviour for his position.

    On the other hand, the naturist movement should not allow anyone to be treated like this, even if the person under suspicion is quite willing to be treated as such.

    From Robert Glew’s point of view, if he wants to hang on to his career and reputation, the only option he has is to insist that any investigation is to proceed without interference.

    But if I were in his position, I would be hoping that there was an awash of people behind and supporting me. From all accounts so far, Robert Glew has done nothing ‘wrong’ apart from appear in a promotional image. If that is against his terms of employment or the ethics of his engagement that needs to be respected, but if he is being victimised because of his involvement with naturism, that needs to be challenged in the strongest possible terms.

  • The reason people of a criminal or immoral persuasion on this country get away with hiding behind their professions, the police, local authority etc, is because the average man in the street (i.e. the vast majority) is scared of taking on tyranny and establishment bullying.

    I myself have stood back from challenging corruption in authority which I reported in 2003 (nothing to do with naturism) because I am not sure how far they will go to shut me up. On the wider scale, I admit I am wrong in running scared!

    However, if Mr Grew simply gives up, is he not encouraging the miscreants from abusing thousands of other innocent people in the future? I am certain Mr Glew’s life would not be endangered by pursuit of this case, as he is not directly accusing the police of anything, but he cannot “go it alone” or he will be in my position. So it needs an effective cabal to take on the abusive authority in this case. The operative word is “action”!

    If we run scared at every incident, then NAG might as well not exist!

  • Will

    The police aren’t involved, it’s an education authority internal disciplinary procedure, added to which it is our understanding that Mr Glew is back at work, you should also note that NAG isn’t prone to knee-jerk reactions, we act upon solid information, and then gauge our reaction based on said information. It may also interest you to know that the Headmaster admits to a knee-jerk reaction in suspending Mr Glew in the first place.

    The education authority will be informed of our concerns in the handling of this case, we will hold the upper hand instead of being in the position of acute embarrassment and having to apologise for misinformed comments, there is also the matter of the UK’s draconian libel laws to consider.


  • Oh, I had several dictionary definitions of “pervert” and the related “perversion” lined up. Did you know that technically recreational sex can be correctly interpretated as a perversion. It would have made an interesting case if Warrington had challenged.

    I wonder if my missive a few days ago was read and if the jolt did have a small maybe 0.1% effect on the corrective afterthoughts. I must admit I was a little more effusive than I would like in retrospect, but I was fuming at the time and, in truth, I still am!

    We really do need to get across publicly the clear fact that it is a sexual mindset only that attacks naturism as obscene and that it is such people who are in effect immoral and defamatory. Most people are uneducated and need to be enlightened, but they only listen if shouted at!

    If I did not have to think of the probable safety risks to my close family and myself at the hands of local social reprobates, I would gladly put myself forward as incontrovertible evidence that naturism is not sexual, therefore not obscene. But even that did not work with two sub-intellectuals in Portsmouth Police did it? They just “took the p***”!

    We have to realise that we all take certain jobs for personal as well as professional reasons, so going cap-in-hand to the negotiation table is not always enough when confronted with authority.

    I am glad to hear that the Headteacher has seen commonsense. Wider reports had suggested that it was Warrington, not he as an individual, that had taken the decision.

    But all that does not change the probability that the original decision was taken from a prurient viewpoint. It was politically incorrect. If it was the headteacher, then his mindset must be called into question. It is that defective stage in the decision process that must be eliminated across society. “Getting it right in the end” is not enough when people like Mr Grew suffer undue distress in the meantime.

    Hugz Will

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